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Levente Rikter - action coach

In Action Coaching I support and challenge people to rock their biggest adventures, their relationships, businesses or any personal journeys. I lead them through a powerful transformation to get to the next level.

we can progress only by constantly taking action.

  • I know there is much more to this story and I don’t want to see the years passing by countless. It’s about creating a life that is worth to remember, our own reality. It’s simply questioning ourselves, facing our inner truth in order to tap into our unlocked full potential
  • Deep Coaching + Challenges + Action
    It starts within. It begins with a powerful, deep conversation and through taking action the actual transformation happens.
  • I’m here to support you, to make you feel good, energized, capable and loved. As a coach I will challenge you, push you and make you move forward, but you set the pace and you pick the topic!
    You’ll get 100% of my focus through conversations, I challenge you and work with you towards your goals.
  • With me you can get new perspectives and angles that you can’t get from a friend or a relative, but with me there can be new opportunities. Why? Because I’m willing to put in the work and to be brave enough to put up an honest mirror for you, to make you face yourself and your challenges. Above all together we’ll work out the vision for you and go for it. It’s an investment which can be significant in results.
  • Let’s start with a chat this time, contact me, let’s have a coffee, a deep chat about you and about the way I can support you the best.

“A single insight can change everything.” – Rich Litvin

I know that you are special. We all are. We all have our own story in the making with all of its dark and bright sides, with all the ups and downs, with all the simplicity and magic. Every single story is special because every story is somebody’s journey in life.

The action coaching Is online. Every session is handled by full disclosure.

It’s about creating a life that is worth to remember

It’s a journey. A feeling. A lust for fulfilment, for making it a life that rocks. Read my Lust For Life story.

It’s simply questioning ourselves, facing our inner truth in order to tap into our unlocked full potential.

I strongly believe in the power of action. We have to act on our desires, passive knowledge doesn’t make us move forward, only action takes us to the desired destination.

That’s why I’m an action coach.

What results can you meet in action coaching?

  • Happier daily life
  • Motivation, inspiration
  • Growth in business
  • Growth in profit
  • Growth in personality
  • Growth in self-worth, courage, confidence
  • Deeper and more loving connections with themselves and with life itself
  • Deeper focus, higher productivity
  • Better quality in their relationships
  • Lower stress level

Only the power of action can make us move forward

This Lust For Life can be found in everybody even if our life is lived by the norms on autopilot. Everyone has the freedom to choose and live a life according to their own terms, reaching their own dreams.

After all every significant change in our lives starts within with a deep conversation and taking action, even the tiniest ones, that’s where the transformation happens.

Let’s start with coffee. Contact me for action coaching.

What can you improve with action coaching?

Self-knowledge, self-worth

to be able to live a quality life with high resiliency and high emotional state.

Productivity, focus, stress management

to be able to get better results more easily, to be more organized.

Motivation, inspiration, mindfulness

to be present, inspired and energetic. To rock it!

Belief systems, patterns, habits

to avoid unconsciously sabotaging yourself and to be more successful and happier in every aspect of your life.

Letting go, acceptance, balance

to find your inner purpose, happiness and to be able tap into your inner power.

Business life

to be a true leader, to build a great teams and to be able to show up as yourself to achieve your vision.

How can you work with me 1 on 1?

Look around, check out your opportunities and contact me to discuss details.

One Deep Conversation (taster)

Here you’re the star. 90 minutes all about you to get the most out of it.


5 epic sessions, deep conversations to get you back on track again and build momentum!

3 months - My Best 'me'

This is where you can become the rockstar of your life! The ultimate transformation, an epic breakthrough!

How to get up from a knockedown?

A break-up, a loss, a huge punch from life itself in the stomach. You want to get up. I’m here to help.

5+1 sessions to stand up and firm your ground.

"I didn’t know that my life can be different, even better...

…now that I can see the my “new” life, wow, it’s unbelievable. You opened my eyes. I wish I’d met you 20 years ago…ok, even 10 would’ve been life-changing.”
Attila Taskovics

Regarding with consultations, cooperations, please feel free to contact me.

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