3 months - my best 'me'

This is where you can become the rockstar of your life! “My Best Me” is the ultimate transformation, an epic breakthrough! Continuous progress in the course of 3 months. Absolutely custom made for you because there is nobody else like you.

Deep Coaching + Challenges + Action. This is “My Best Me”

It starts within. It begins with a powerful, deep conversation and through taking action the actual transformation happens.

I’m here to support you, to make you feel good, energized, capable and loved. As a coach I will challenge you, push you and make you move forward, but you set the pace and you pick the topic!You’ll get 100% of my focus through conversations, I challenge you and work with you towards your goals.

With me you can get new perspectives and angles that you can’t get from a friend or a relative, but with me there can be new opportunities. Why? Because I’m willing to put in the work and to be brave enough to put up an honest mirror for you, to make you face yourself and your challenges.

Together we’ll work out the vision for you and go for it. It’s an investment which can be significant in results.

Let’s start with a chat this time, contact me, let’s have a coffee, a deep chat about you and about the way I can support you the best to get your “Best Me”.

3 months - my best 'me - details

9 x 90 minutes

Online via zoom or in person if we’re in the same city.

Custom made

Contact me, let’s have a chat to see if we’re a good fit and how I could support you the best!

This is certainly my most popular package!

Regarding with consultations, cooperations, please feel free to contact me.

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