How to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset?

Most individuals with a growth mindset orientation tend to think that they are in a growth mindset constantly even at times when they’re experiencing a fixed mindset. They just don’t see the growth opportunities and they act on fixed rules.
So, generally people can operate from a growth mindset but not always being able to translate that into different areas of their life.

Here are some questions that may help you in these times.

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Benefits of having a life coach

Why is it good to have a life coach?

Well, the simple answer is, to save time for yourself, to be a better version of yourself. We have a very limited lifetime here and at the end of the day we all want the same:

We want to be happy as much as possible, we want to be successful and we want to be loved.

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happy We all seek happiness. Even in our professional life. But, do we focus on the right thing? Below, I’ll bring you some of the

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Take action

Faith is believing in taking a step is enough to get the rest of the road running under our feet. Take action. Without taking one single step is not faith, it’s passively avoiding responsibility, it’s not taking ownership of our life.

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How can you stay on your feet when it’s hard?

It didn’t matter if I managed to fit in as a foreigner in London, it didn’t matter if I followed my dream to live free in Thailand and in Bali, it didn’t matter if I ran a marathon on the Equator in Uganda. It didn’t matter how tough, strong and brave I was. I needed much more to get up and to start my life over.

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Motivation is a b*tch, just take action

We all have ups and downs and we all have times when we feel like we’re just zoned in or we’re experiencing „flow”. Yeah, the latter ones are great, we feel unstoppable and we want to shake the world! Yesss! Amazing!

Ok, and what about the down times? What about the times when we don’t have motivation, we don’t feel inspired or we’re clearly having bad days. We still have things to do, we still have a life to take care of.

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Why the Blog?

It’s a journey. A feeling. A lust for fulfilment, for making it a life that rocks. Read my Lust For Life story. It’s simply questioning ourselves, facing our inner truth in order to tap into our unlocked full potential. I strongly believe in the power of action. We have to act on our desires, passive knowledge doesn’t make us move forward, only action takes us to the desired destination. Follow my blog.

I know that you are special. We all are. We all have our own story in the making with all of its dark and bright sides, with all the ups and downs, with all the simplicity and magic. Every single story is special because every story is somebody’s journey in life.

I strongly believe in the power of coaching. I also strongly believe in the power of stories. I hope that with my articles, with my passion I can contribute to your story, so that you can contribute to others’ to make the world a better place. Have fun on my blog!


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